Hi and welcome to Honey I’m Wholemeal.  This blog is filled with recipes that I love to make . My favorite thing about cooking is sharing my food that why I decided to start a blog.

I dream of moving to France,  buying a bike with a basket to collect by baguettes in the morning- how cliche I know.

I love Cookbooks and read them as novels. It was my love of cookbooks that first introduced me to food blogging – Mammy banned me from buying anymore books so I turned to the internet for recipe inspiration.

I live in Ireland where it rains almost everyday but when it stops raining it can look like this.
I am a very nice person most of the time but their are four occasions when I am unbearable – when I am tired, hungry, cold or need to go to the toilet.
I love to run, swim and cycle. I play Camogie and football for my local GAA but I hate doing all of the above when it’s cold or raining.
I like hot power showers, large cites and shopping – especially in large cites.
I like to eat fresh fruit, Avocado, yogurt  and bowls of granola (despite the calories) .
I sometimes get an obsession with a certain food and eat it none stop for about a month and never eat it again – so far my obsessions have included cornflakes, dried apricots and Tesco finest creamy fruity yogurts (which are all cream and no yogurt)
I hate cold weather and raw onions
I  wear skirts and tights instead of trousers. My favorite colors are pink and navy blue and love them together
My make up collection rivals my Cookbook collection as do my shoes, my Mammy taught me there were three things worth spending good money on – Shoes, food and make up.
Thanks for visiting my blog please feel free to comment
Happy Eating
T. Scrumptious

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