Yes I made it :-) Louis Vuitton Cake

It’s a friends Birthday tomorrow and I decided to make a cake to bring in to school for her. Lying in bed this morning I was trying to think of something witty or personal to make. My mind wasn’t working very well at seven this morning and I wasn’t able to think of anything all I could think of was a Louis Vuitton style cake. Now my friend likes fashion as does any 16 year old girl but she has not particular ties to Louis Vuitton. I decided I was up for a challenge and was going to make an LV cake. I goggled f or inspiration but most of results were professionally made cakes. I am just a girl with no training what so ever but anybody can do wonders with a bit of food colouring and ready roll icing.

about 15 oz of  sugar, 15 oz of butter and a lot of time and shouting this is what I got.  I am pretty proud of it to be honest. I am expecting a phone call from from Louis himself to hire me.

When I am making a cake I get frustrated and shout a lot at people around me (sorry sisters I didn’t mean it). I got up at seven and  made a Madeira cake.  Then I went back to bed and rose again at 11.00 to finish my creation.  I trimmed the cake and covered it in ready roll icing (left over from Christmas). Then for the tricky part stenciling in the trademark LV pattern.  I didn’t have a stencil so I printed of a pattern from the internet and then set down to work. I used a narrow paint brush and three food colourings green, red and yellow which i mixed to get an orangey shade as well.  Anybody who knows me will know that I turn into a wagon when I am cooking especially anything as intricate as this. So poor Sister number two got some nasty shouting this morning when she decided to eat her breakfast at the table beside where I was working. Despite all the anger the production of the cake ran relatively smoothly nothing burnt or fell, touch wood. It still has to survive a car journey to school tomorrow morning and make it in one piece until lunch when it will be devoured. We always notice that when you have a cake in school you suddenly get a lot of new friends around lunch time – but isn’t that what food is for sharing.

Madeira Sponge

I use ounces in this recipe because it has been handed down to me. It makes it easier just use the same amount of Self raising flour, caster sugar and Margerine and then half the amount of eggs

80z of self raising flour

80z of caster sugar

8oz of margerine

4 eggs

Preheat the oven to 160

Mix all the ingredients together in a food processor then pour into a prepared tin. I used a 28 cm round silicone tin. Cook for about 40 minutes until a skewer comes out clean.  Use a wooden skewer as stainless steel has not stick properties( A tip I learnt from the pastry chef at Chapter One).

Leave to cool

Meanwhile make a buttercream to stick the royal icing to the cake


70g of butter softened

140g of icing sugar

Mix the above together and put aside

200g of ready roll white icing

100g of bought white marzipan ( I usually use homemade but when it comes to sugar craft the bought stuff is the perfect colour)

 1 custard cream biscuit or any rectangular biscuit

 4 shades of food colouring – I used green, red and yellow and made orange but obviously the best three to have are the primary colours)

4 small silver balls

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When the cake is completely cool trim the bottom off  to give it a flat bottom see photo. Then thinly, as if you were buttering bread, butter the butter-cream all over the cake. Next roll out the ready roll and cover the cake with it. Use your hands or palate knife to smooth out any creases and stick it to the cake. Trim off any extra around the edge. Neaten the edges with a palate knife. Then take a sheet with the LV pattern on it and place on top of the cake. With a pin, pressing firmly, trace over the pastern so it indents the cake.  Remove the sheet and place cake in bright light so you can see the pattern. Using a fine brush, food colouring and a lot of patience paint on the pattern. Leave to dry. Any mistakes can be rectified by rolling out a thin piece of ready roll,  covering the mistake and rubbing in the creases. When the food colouring had dried in roll out thin strips of Marzipan and put around the edges of the cake. Cut out two fan shaped pieces to cover the bottom corners and a thick stip for the handle. I made buckles for the handle from two biscutis cut to the size of a stamp with a smaller rectangle cut out of the middle. Use water to stick the marzipan to the cake.  I put two silver balls in the corner of each cake.

Stand back and admire your masterpiece. Take photos quickly incase any accidents happens to it.

xoxo T. Scrumptious